Wine glasses

I wanted to make these for my wine loving BM. 

- I got the glasses @ Ikea
- Acrylic paint from Michaels
- print out the initial you need in any font and size it appropriately
- I added a starfish design to tie into my wedding theme. 
- after printing the starfish and the initial, I taped them to the inside of the glass in the design I wanted.
- I painted the outside, I found it is easier to use the end of the paint brush, it left less brush strokes than using the bristles.
- Let stand for 48 hours and then baked according to the paint directions to set the acrylic paint. 

Flower Girl/Ring Bearer glasses

Fi's daughters wanted glasses like the BM were getting...I did not want them to have wine glasses, so I made them from glasses I found @ the Dollar Tree


BM Jewelry

I bought my brooches (besides the starfish - Michael's) from
Here are the directions I followed.


I will give 4 each to our wedding party, I am thinking maybe about doing it for the OOT boxes as well.  We will see how much time I have before the wedding. 
I bought white tiles @ Lowes
Cut scrap book paper to the size (I left a small area for a border)
Used ModPodge Glue to glue the paper on the tile, then used a roller sponge to get out any air bubbles
Painted the glue on the tile and top of paper.  I repeated this step maybe 4 times, letting the tile dry in between. 
After drying overnight, I used a sealant to paint over the top.