After doing my cousin's wedding flowers @ the last minute I decided I think my Aunt & I can do my bouquet and my bridesmaids.  That and just for 4 corsages, 3 bm's bouquets, and my bouquet - I was going to spend almost $400...uuugh.  I can buy 85 stems from Costco for $75 and they receive good reviews.  I am using gerbera daisies in honor of my FMIL - she carried them down the aisle.  I bought a starfish pin for my bouquet from
I think I am going to use pink and orange flowers against the aqua bm's dresses. 


Because we are having a starfish theme I saw from
This was one of  the easiest projects I did.  I bought the starfish from Oriental Trading Co., sat them outside to air out for a few days when I first got them because they smelled fishy.  Then I hot glued pins on the back of them that I bought @ Michaels.  I love the way these turned out.  I did not put the netting on these, nor did I use the magnets - I was afraid of the starfish falling. 
I have been contemplating using large starfish for my bouquets with ribbons glued to the bottom - in lieu of flowers. 

My DIY Pomanders

I bought the styrofoam balls @ Michaels, I prefered the white ones because I was doing white daisies.  I used my 40% off coupons on these, saved a few $ anyways.  I bought the ribbon @ Michaels as well when they had it on sale.  The daisies I bought @ the Dollar Tree.  I made many, many trips to the Dollar Tree because these take many more flowers than what you would expect.  Also have wire cutters - I started out using scissors - my hands were so sore til my FFIL saw what I was doing and gave me his wire cutters, oh it made these so much simpler. 
The hardest thing about making these was figuring out which design I was doing to use..once I had that down, my BM and I made a number of these one afternoon while watching college football. 
Some people will tell you to use hot glue or a craft glue to stick the flowers inside the styrofoam, I only had to do this on a few that the wire was just plastic and not actually wire.  I cut each of the flowers off using the wire cutters about 2-3 inches down from the flower, and then stuck them into the styrofoam.  Be sure to save an area for the ribbon.  I hot glued the ribbon on last, but if I did it over again, I would hot glue on the ribbon, then I put corsage pins in the ribbon just to make sure it would stay.  Then start sticking the flowers all around the ball.  I think they look better when they are fuller - but that is just my opinion.  About every 4 flowers I put in the styrofoam I put the green leaf on with it, just to give it an extra dimension. 
These are about $12 to make each one, but that is a huge savings when the live ones are about $80 to make.  Plus this is something DIY you can make ahead of time and store away, instead of waiting til the last minute to make.