I bought the hurricane vases again from Michaels.  My bm, Kim and I would each use a coupon for 40-50% off.  Each time we would go to the gym, we stopped and each got a vase.  I initially was going to use river rocks instead of sand but didn't like the look as much with sand.  I plan on sprinkling some shells around the outside of the vases.  Our venue has free use of their votive holders and thought about putting these around the centerpieces as well to add some extra ambiance. 
Excuse my picture, I just have rocks right now, but that will be replaced with sand. 

Cake Topper

When my parents moved the only thing my Mom saved from her wedding was her cake topper, when I would go to their new house, I would always see her cake topper in the top of my closet - so I was very excited to use it for our wedding.  While it will not go on top of our main cake, it will be on another cake with our parents and grandparents' pictures.  Because it is 34 years old, it had some yellow discoloration on it.  I tried to bleach it, comet it, anything to clean it off, but of course it would not come off.  I painted the white parts white again and painted the bottom aqua to match our colors, giving it a little pop of colors. 

Tablecloth Monogram

We will be having a sweetheart table and I want to have our monogram hanging in front of our table.  I got the idea from  and NavyBaby, the budget wedding board moderator.
I did not want an aisle runner because along the harbor it gets a little breezy and don't want to worry about it blowing away.  I am doing one with the starfish for our sign in table, will do another main monogram for our sweetheart table.  I had just finished, so there are some wet spots.  This project was very easy! 
1.  Design your monogram and enlarge it to what size you needed.  I went to Office Dept and the lady printed out this nice image...$25 - I needed to completely explain to her what I was doing with the image.  She thought I was taping the print out she gave me to the tablecloth - hence the high price tag. 
2.  Lay your blown up image under your table cloth or runner (which ever size you want)

3.  Trace the image using a pencil.  Do not do it too heavy because it may show through your paint if the color is not dark enough. 

4.  Tape wax paper underneath your tablecloth/runner so that your paint does not soak through to your work surface and so it does not stick to anything.

Use different size paint brushes to outline and fill in your image.  I chose to do the letters first cause I thought that would be the hardest.  Then let it dry so you do not smudge the paint colors together.

5.  Finish painting the rest.  I did 2 coats on all of it to fill in any lighter areas or the small areas around the letters that I missed paint on. 

Tablecloth for the Welcome Table


Wedding Well Wishes

This is for our guests to leave us a piece of advice, wedding wishes or whatever they shall choose.  For the paper, I designed a simple 3.5 x 5 card on publisher, used a border on it, put wedding wishes on top and cut to size. 
Our sign says "leave the love birds advice, memories, or well wishes"

Vases for Bridal and Bridesmaids Bouquets

I found simple vases that would be perfect for a bouquet @ the Dollar Tree.  I took an aqua ribbon and adhered to the glass with double sided tape, then glued the brown ribbon on top.  In the center I carried on our starfish theme and put extra starfish in the middle of the vase. 
The small vase is for our photo sharing cards.