Wedding Shower in Nebraska

One of my BM is throwing me a bridal shower in my hometown.  I am so very excited, can't wait!  However it feels a little weird for all this hoopla to be about me when I am so used to it being about everyone else. 

Wedding Activities

All of my family and "bridesmaids" will be coming in from all over Nebraska and Indiana, as well as many of our long-time family friends.  I am planning on having activities before and after the wedding so we can spend as much time with our loved ones as possible.  I am disappointed the Padres do not have a home game around my wedding - my family loves sports and I think they would enjoy a game. 
I plan on having outings to go wine tasting with the girls while the guys go deep sea fishing = I am hoping to do this before the wedding as sort of a day to relax with our wedding party before the big day.  Also we will be planning on ventures to Sea World, San Diego Zoo, etc.  I need to work on this as the days get closer. 

Brooke's Thoughts

Things to do in the area Aaah, the things to do in San Diego.  This is my favorite city for a reason, well for many reasons. 

One of my favorite websites is - here are 25 free things to do in the city

There is Sea World, San Diego Padres (our baseball team), Legoland, Knotts Soak City, the GasLamp District (shopping, restaurants, bars), gambling, shopping, Coronado Island, Seaport Village, and of course the beaches.  Some of my favorite things that I have done in San Diego: a harbor boat tour of San Diego (see the city and learn some interesting facts from the water), a tour of the USS Midway (a decomissoned Naval Ship), a city tour from a bus (where you can stop off at certain points around the city), Balboa Park (full of museums, Japanese Tea Garden, and beautiful architecture), Kayaking/snorkeling in La Jolla caves (many of you have heard my story of kayaking, it was a great adventure), Old Town (it was the original founded area of San Diego - now there are a bunch of shops and restaurants here), San Diego Zoo (see the pandas, and koalas - oh soo cute!).  There are so many trails to go hiking or biking on - one of my favorites is Torrey Pines' State Park - the views are amazing of the ocean.  Also Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach has gorgeous views as well while you hike.  In Mission Beach, there is Belmont Park - a wooden roller coaster, shopping, restaurants, beach, etc.  If you need an idea of what to do, please ask either Colin or I, with him being a native and me loving being the forever tourist, we can find something fun for you to do while you are here. 

My favorite beaches are: 

     1.  Coronado Beach - gorgeous golden sand, nice family beach, decent bathrooms, and you can tour the Hotel del Coronado (120 year old hotel - "Some Like it Hot" was filmed here), parking can be an issue here

     2.  La Jolla Shores - this is where Kim & I had our famous kayaking adventure; you can snorkel, kayak, scuba dive, or swim with the leopard sharks.  The waves generally are not rough here...generally.   I highly recommend kayaking.  A short ways off the shore is a sanctuary where there is so much sea life, you can see the sea lions from the shore.  Parking in LaJolla is the worst @ all beaches in San Diego. 

     3.  Ocean Beach - parking is easy here, the sand is decent - not a lot of bugs.  The locals are interesting in OB - you step back to the 70's.  People hula hoop or tight rope walk on the grassy area.  There is the longest pier here where you see the locals fish and you can get a good/cheap meal.

     4.  Pacific Beach - PB - aaah what can I say - this is the first beach I went to in San Diego.  When I think beach in San Diego I think PB.  People bike all around the town, women in their bikinis, surfers, etc.  The beach is nice, usually very busy, lots to do around the area in terms of shopping, drinking, eating.  I love to people watch here. 

     5.  Mission Beach - home of Belmont Park, the Wave House, lots of bars, eateries, and shops.  Getting around in MB can be a problem @ times, but everything is within walking distance.  

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal @ the Admiral Kidd Club begins @ 3 pm since the AKC will be having a catering faire that night and the place will be swarming with people.  After rehearsal, we will be having dinner @ our Club House.  Taco Bar catered in with the margarita machines.  I want to have a more informal, cost effective RD since we will have so many family and friends from out of town.